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For anyone just discovering the game of Heroscape, knowing what to buy first and how to begin getting into the game can feel a bit intimidating.  That is why we have created a Collector’s Guide roadmap to provide some tips and suggestions where to begin and start off growing your collection. Take these as the suggestions they are from our own experience playing the game and helping others grow their collections over the past seven years. Of course, at the end of the day, each ‘scaper is free to expand and grow their collection in the way they best see fit. 

Step 1. Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set – There is really no other place to begin collecting than starting off with an original starter ROTV Master Set 1. This set contains everything you need to get started with the game including 359 hexes of battlefield terrain, 30 pre-painted miniature figures with corresponding stat cards, all dice, markers and accessories, instructions and scenario map booklet. The set includes 10 suggested battlefield scenarios or there is enough terrain to create your own custom battlefield. With 10 unique hero figures and 6 different squads included, there are plenty of options to customize your army as you head into battle. 

The volume of high-quality components, terrain and pre-painted miniatures make the starter ROTV Master Set a great value and really everything you need for hours of fun, suspense-filled gameplay for 2-4 players. 

Step 2. Swarm of the Marro Master Set – Again, with the amount of terrain and figures included, adding a copy of the SOTM Master Set 2 is a consensus 2nd step in growing your collection. The SOTM Master Set contains 170 hexes of additional battlefield terrain, including a Marro Hive, 24 pre-painted miniature figures with corresponding stat cards, dice, accessories and another instructions and scenario booklet. These only expand your options when building your battlefields or drafting your armies for battle. 

Step 3. Orm’s Return – Giant Figure Expansion – In our experience, one of the more enjoyable parts of the game is cruising around a battlemap with a dragon or giant figure leaving carnage and destruction in our wake. At a reasonable price-point Orm’s Return offers five giant figures with unique abilities. Adding a dragon or giant champion figure to your army adds a fun new dimension to the Heroscape experience. 

Step 4. Road to the Forgotten Forest – Terrain Expansion Set – The Forest terrain expansion introduces three new tactical components to the battlefield. The included 24-hexes of road terrain offer a movement bonus on the battlemap. The five evergreen trees are a nice additional terrain feature which create natural barriers and line-of-site obstacles that figures can shelter behind.The set also includes a 5-hex road bridge which can span a pond, river or canyon. 

Step 5. Malliddon’s Prophecy – Complete Figure Wave 1 – By step 5, it is time to add some new hero and squad options for your armies. With five new unique heroes and 6 additional common squads, Wave 1 offers a good variety of new units at a great value. From Orcs to Roman soldiers and from slithering vipers to robot-like snipers, Wave 1 will allow everyone at the table to add a new dimension to their army. 

Step 6. Fortress of the Archkyrie – Terrain Expansion Set – The wall and fortress expansion adds a whole new dimension to any battlefield. With modular walls and walkways, you can create your own castle or combine 2 or 3 fortress sets to create a giant, multi-tiered fortress as focal point of a larger map. Each set also includes a set of ladders and a fortress gate which can be shut and barred from within to defend against unwelcome intruders.

Your Move – More Terrain & Building Your Armies – By this point in your collecting, you are familiar with the game and know the ins and outs of Heroscape. Do you want more terrain to build a larger battlefield? You can really never have enough! Or are dreaming of new figures with special abilities to rain down death and destruction on your opponent’s armies? With 13 booster waves, 3 giant waves and 5 flag bearers officially released, there are so many squad and hero options! 

If you’re interested in terrain, take a look into the other terrain expansion sets, The Volcarren Wasteland, Ticalla Jungle or the Thaelenk Tundra. Otherwise, browse the the a la carte terrain for additional lots terrain. If you’re not too particular, but just want to add hexes to your battlefield, shoot us a message to inquire about overstock hex terrain and special pricing per 100 hexes. 

If you’re focusing on building your army, you can browse and add individual squads and heroes. Or you can combine shipping and grow your collection wave by wave. Keep in mind that you can always draft more than one of each common squad for your army and this can be of strategic importance on the battlefield.