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5 Steps to Sell

1. Contact Us and Give Us Some Idea of What you Have.

Send us a list or some photos of what all you have. Also, please say something about overall condition and completeness to help determine the valuation of your lot. If we have any clarifying questions there may be some communication back and forth to understand exactly what you have along with the condition and completeness.

2. We will provide you a quick cash offer for what you have.

There may be other places and ways to piece out a collection, but you won't find a faster, more convenient way to sell a large collection and get it back into the hands of new players just discovering the game.

3. Get Paid!

Once we have agreed to purchase your lot and you have agreed to sell it, we generally send payment right away. We almost always pay via PayPal. It is quick, easy and almost universally used by anyone who completes online purchases.

4. Package Your Collection

Here are a few tips we've found helpful for successfully packaging up your Heroscape lot:

• Please ship cards flat and together to prevent warping or creasing.

• Larger terrain tiles should be stacked flat (by size and type if possible) and together. Place some bubble wrap or other cushioning underneath and around the sides so they aren't damaged if the package is dropped or mishandled in transit.

• Smaller 1, 2, 3-hex terrain tiles can be sorted and bagged by type in gallon Ziploc bags.

Notable Exception:Take particular care with any red Iava and molten lava tiles as they have become particularly brittle over time. Likewise, the opaque blue water tiles have also become more fragile over time and could use a little additional protection in transit.

• If you have a little bit of time, the best way to pre-sort and ship figures is by wave and set. You could use gallon or quart Ziploc or small plastic totes with lids.

Notable Exception: The notable exception to this way of shipping figures is if you have any Templar Cavalry or Ashigaru Spearmen. Those lances and spears require special attention while being packaged up so they are not damaged in transit.

5. Ship and Track

For smaller boxes, less than 12x12x12, USPS tends to be the best value for postage. For larger boxes, check FedEx or UPS rates to zip code 68007. Tracking numbers are important. When you have shipped the collection, please share the tracking numbers for each package with us so we can follow the progress of the shipment and be prepared to receive and sort it when it arrives.