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All Things Heroscape

All Things Heroscape

Heroscape endures as one of the best games ever made. From customizable armies comprised of squads and heroes to modular three-dimensional battlefields, with endless options and various terrain, Heroscape captures the imagination of both young and serious gamers alike. Heroscape Wave 1, Wave 2, Wave 3, Wave 4, and Wave 5 are here as well as Heroscape expansion sets and Heroscape expansion packs.

All Things Heroscape online provides unparalleled selection and consistent, top-tier service.  We strive to keep everything ever made for Heroscape available in a single, convenient online location.  


Figure and Card Conditions

The Heroscape items we sell are carefully sorted and inventoried before listing and selling online.  

Loose Figures and Cards: May show some signs of use but overall in good condition

New In Box Items: May show minor signs of shelf wear, but generally in excellent condition.